• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Virtual pension fund management company ltd (vPFMC)?
VPFMC is the common project of UMB and Slovak Republic, for monitoring real PFMC and financial aspects of investing in PFMC. The project has educational character, and its main goal is to help people understand what the PFMC is and what are the risks and benefits.

What is the difference between VPFMC and PFMC?
VPFMC is not dealing with real money of real clients, all transactions are fictive.

Are there any risks connected with PFMC?
In general PFMC are considered to be safe, but there are some risk factors to be aware of when investing money in PFMC. Every client has an option of three strategies founds. You can decide to invest your part of the money in conservative, balanced and progressive fond. Conservative fond is the safest of these three founds, but also there is not so big benefit. On the contrary the progressive found is very risky, but can bring interesting revenues.

What PFMC are operating in Slovakia?
There are 6 PFMC in Slovakia:
Allianz – Slovenská dôchodková správcovská spoločnosť, a.s. 
ING dôchodková správcovská spoločnosť, a.s. 
VÚB Generali dôchodková správcovská spoločnosť, a.s. 
AEGON, d.s.s., a.s. 
Dôchodková správcovská spoločnosť Poštovej banky d.s.s., a.s. 
AXA d.s.s., a.s.

Which one is the best for me? 
The conditions for investments are changing rapidly and it´s hard to say which one is the best at the time. VPFMC is here to monitore the market of PFMC and provide people with full analyzis and information of PFMC. There are graphs, tables, comprehensions summarizing all aspects, advantages and disadvantages of concrete products.

What will be the amout of your income from II. pillar? 
It depends on the amount of  money  you will have in your personal account in the time of retirement. It also depends on the way of pay out. The longer period of saving and the higher salary, the higher portion of revenues.


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