I am economically active

Have you ever thought about your retirement lifestyle before? Why not start right now? Maybe, your dream was to own a small countryside cottage and live quiet life with no stress, own a car of your dreams or taking a trip around the world. Perhaps you would like to start a new business and use the skills that you have learned over the years. Whatever your choice  is, there are no rules about your future life. Now is a good time to start thinking.

You can really make a difference about your future if you start to maintain your pension now. Find out how does second pillar work, what are your choices and what is the best strategy for you.

Why save with a pension?

Pension is a tax-efficient way to save. You are saving while working and as soon as you retire money you saved become part of your income for the rest of your life.

What fund should I invest in?

In order to meet your risk profile and invest in appropriate strategy considering your attitude to risk and losses you can use our investment behavior test.

What forms and documents do I need

While we know how confusing it is to find the right forms and documents we created section, where you can download the right ones.

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