Cautious saver

Cautious saver is type of saver, who for a long time considers where to invest savings. His hesitation is based on a lack of knowledge about investment and the fear of losing.

Your socioeconomic status indicates that you have a secondary education and you are not interested in the area of investment. Your income is somewhere below average or from retirement you are not more than 20 years.

Complex financial instruments are unknown to you and the area of investment is unattractive to you.

Because you are considering investment opportunities for very long time, sometimes you miss a good investment opportunity and then you regret it. You expect capital appreciation, but with low risk.

Revenues that stocks can bring attract you, but you are afraid that you will make the decision in the wrong moment. Also you prefer relatively safer bonds, but sometimes you feel that the yield is too low.

Your indecision and passive approach to savings brought you to split savings between the two pension funds: Bond Pension Fund and Stock Pension Fund.

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