Assertive saver

As an assertive saver you understand the relationship of risk and income in time.

You are relatively young or middle aged at maximum, you have adequate education with proper income in relation to the average level in national economy.

You belong to the more courageous part of investment spectrum and you know that if you are about to reach a higher income, you need to undertake a risk and accept the deviations on financial market, as well. You are willing to cope with present losses however the more important part of your savings can not be touched.

Your main goal is realistic assessment of your savings. You are a type of investor for whom, from the long term point of view, a lifetime investment strategy is the most suitable one.

You carry the responsibility for your family and you spend major part of your income on consumption. That is why you prefer long-term and stable accumulation of savings instead of aggressive growth, in this area.

In the system of retirement savings you allocate your savings into Equity Pension Fund.

You are responsible for creation of own investment strategy in the second pillar and you actively manage between Bond retirement fund and Index retirement fund.

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