Aggressive active saver

You belong to the least represented group of savers with the highest acceptance of financial risks. You are relatively young saver with above-average income with higher education. Your work ensures you the sufficient financial guarantee, so you can effort the risk of this kind of savings.

You have also bought other financial products, which suppose to protect you in case of old age and the system of retirement savings is not and will not be your dominant income in old age.

You are willing to undergo the highest financial risks, so that you shortly achieve the most liable revenue for purpose of aggressive capital accumulation. Accumulation of assets is more important for you than its safety.

You are ready for massive and sometimes long-term overfalls of values of investment. You suppose to know and be familiar with high-risk tools of financial market.

You are responsible for creation of own investment strategy in the second pillar and you actively manage between Bond retirement fund and Index retirement fund.

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